Red Cover Reveal!

I am an avid (wow alliteration!) fan of trilogies and book series. Reading series books allows me to stall the inevitable feeling of a book hangover. That being said, the thing I hate most about series is the wait in between installments! Of course I understand the need for the waiting period, but hey, what can I say? I’m impatient =P

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to write RED- Book #2 of the Life Force Trilogy while waiting to release GREEN – Book #1. I’ve also been lucky enough to have had time to edit RED and finish editing earlier than expected. Thus, it is my pleasure to announce that I will be releasing RED this Sunday, July 21st!

To commemorate the occasion I will be having a $.99 cent book sale on GREEN for 3 DAYS!!! I will also be hosting a giveaway for a pair of FREE Kindle copies of each book next week!



No one could ever have anticipated the events that happened that night. Now the repercussions of Mattie’s and Zach’s decisions have left the Barwicke family on the run from a deranged witch, not to mention an Awakened One.

Uprooted from Brookesville, Mattie finds herself thrown into a melting pot of new friends and foes. Quickly realizing that no one can be trusted, the Barwickes discover that the only way to win this fight is together.

Excitement all around 🙂


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