I’ve always been such a goal oriented person. Once I find something I want or want to accomplish, I become somewhat tunnel visioned and only focus on obtaining it. Thus, I found that I had been so focused on wanting to share my novels with you all that I somehow forgot to properly introduce myself to all of you. I mean, why read anything written by me if you don’t know who I am?

Sure, I have a mini-bio (link to page above) but other than that little blurb, what do you really know about me? So for fun, here is a few basic facts about me 🙂


Hometown: San Diego

Current Residence: We’ll just say Virginia 🙂

Fave Color: Green (not just because it’s the title of my book, I promise!)

Fave food: POPCORN (seriously I could eat that stuff for lunch or dinner!), sushi, chicken sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies

Fave movie: Hmm, that’s a hard one…I have so many that I really can’t choose

Fave show: How I Met Your Mother, Pretty Little Liars (though I haven’t been keeping up lately), Ridiculousness, TEEN WOLF!!!!

Hobbies: Writing (you already know that), drawing, reading, watching movies (hence why I can’t pick just one fave)

Weird talent: I can snap my right pinky toe like a finger, HAHA

Pets: My adorable family pug, Tobi…I heart him so much!


So, that’s a little bit about myself 🙂 What else do you wanna know? Haha

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