Question to other writers….

When you have a new plot idea, do you share this idea with others?  

I find I have a select few people that I readily share my ideas with. I not only trust these people with my life, but value their opinions heavily. I throw ideas back and forth with them to find out if my plot is interesting or completely missing the mark.

That being said, everyone is human. Slips of the tongue can and will happen. For example, today someone shared the premise for my new book with someone I don’t really know except for a number of “hellos” and waves of the hand. It wasn’t of malicious intent or anything, but more so of happiness and pride. Said person was just as excited about my new project as I was that he or she shared the plot with someone s/he knew.Though I don’t doubt that this friend of theirs can keep a secret, I have a fear that as an unknown author, my idea may be taken. I fear that this story I have poured countless hours into may be swiped from my hands. It’s paranoia at its finest and one I am trying to fight. 

That being said, fellow writers – how do you deal with this?

Thank you for your input.

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