Fortress of Solitude

I am almost complete with the first draft of my newest project. Yup, I am at around 80,000 words for my new Horror novel and I only have two more scenes to write! That’s the reason I’ve been a bit quiet on here. I’ve locked myself up in my own writing induced Fortress of Solitude and have been focusing all my energy on finishing up my novel.

After 2 months I am almost finished with the first draft of ********, which will not be self-published. You read that right – I will not be self-publishing my new book.

As much as I loved the freedom of easily offering my e-book to the world, I would love to see my name on bookshelves everywhere! Thus, I will be querying, querying, oh did I mention querying?

Wish me luck and send prayers my way 🙂

By the way, remember to follow me on Twitter! I follow back 🙂

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