Spreading Myself Too Thin?….

ImageOf course not! 

As a perpetual multi-tasker I once again find myself in limbo. Having just finished writing and editing the first draft of my 87k word (give or take a few words) horror novel, I find myself in dire need of stepping away from it for a tiny bit. For the past few months I have poured myself into the project. So much so that I have come to realize I was getting a bit too close to the project and thus, even doing rewrites was becoming such an arduous task. Ever so often words, sentences, and ideas would just blend together. I desperately needed a little break to get my creative juices flowing again.

So what now? I have new ideas for two (unrelated) novels and I also need to finish writing Silver. On top of that I have some Q&A’s to answer for @feedmyreads’ Twitter page, as well as a character interview for another book blog. Oh, did I mention the newest installments of two of my favorite series (Lux Series and Lorien Legacies) were just released this week and I am dying to finish them, as well?

Guess staying busy is exactly what I need during this “small” break 😉

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