Inspiration is a funny thing. It can strike you at any time; at the most inopportune moments. It can come from anything. That plant you saw walking down the street. That shiny apple at the local grocery store. The cute little dog being taken out for his daily walk. The newborn baby you are meeting for the first time.

Inspiration doesn’t wait for you. It is spontaneous and grabs a hold of you quickly.

It is no secret that the premise for Green came about from a dream. However, did you know countless scenes for my other stories have also been dreamt up? Just last week I basically wrote out a whole children’s book in my head. I woke up, sat down and wrote it in about an hour! Sure I will need to go back and edit, but wow – an hour? Thank you nocturnal brain for doing the work for me 😉 Gives me ample time to do the illustrations and God only knows how much I’m itching to grab my charcoals once again!

That being said, let me leave this here. It’s a list of pending projects I still need to complete. Most of these projects may or may not have come from dreams.


  • Silver
  • A Chick Lit novel
  • Fantasy Novel
  • Dystopian Novel
  • Prequel to horror novel
  • Children’s book
  • Submission for Chicken Soup
  • Queries, queries, queries
  • Promoting the Life Force Trilogy

Yup, pretty lengthy but I am ready 🙂

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