Dreams Do Come True

I meant to write this blog post sooner, but the past week has been insane! Let me tell you why ūüėČ

Exactly a week ago, I happened to peruse CAUGHT INSIDE’s Amazon page and received the biggest shock ever! My surf contemporary romance novel was sitting pretty at #6 on Amazon’s Sports Fiction Bestseller list!!!

I was amazed, in shock and just so utterly GRATEFUL.¬†¬†Immediately, I said a prayer of thanks. I felt so astounded that my little romance novel could even garner such an audience…

Then something even¬†more amazing happened–

My book kept climbing! By the end of the afternoon my book was at #2! I was speechless and I’m not going to lie, I started to tear up. Saying another prayer of thanks, I sat back and just stared at the screen. Everything felt so surreal.

I think I speak for almost all writers when I say that it is a HUGE dream to become a bestseller of any kind. The elusive¬†honor has been something I’ve dreamt about ever since I could remember. Suddenly, seeing the #2 by¬†my book was nothing short of magical. It felt like that one scene in That Thing You Do¬†when the Wonders first heard their song on the radio!

Wanna hear the best part? Caught Inside will now be turned into a series! Yes, my original standalone novel will have spin off installments (both that can be read as standalones). I am currently writing the second novel, LOCKED IN, as we speak.

This past week has been such a dream come true. Thank you all for believing in me, reading my books, and giving me a chance. I am truly appreciative of everything YOU have given to me. I am forever humbled and grateful.

And kiddos, that is why you should always follow your dreams. Amazing things are bound to happen…

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