Let’s Have a (Facebook) Party!

I’m socially awkward, no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. If there is a way to avoid eye contact, public speaking and/or changing out of my pajamas then I am all for it.

Marketing your book is an integral part of this industry. Unfortunately, being a writer can’t be all about hiding behind the safety of your computer—or can it?

Facebook Release Parties are quickly taking the literary world by storm. Along with blog tours, web ads and other social media efforts, these Facebook parties allow writers to become up close and personal with their readers from the privacy of their own computers. In fact, it is due to these types of parties that I’ve been able to attract more readers and also make some awesome new friends—not to mention hit an Amazon Bestseller list for the first time! It’s all about spreading awareness.

So what are these parties? From my experience I’ve encountered two types. The first kind allows you to network with other authors. Takeover events typically take place on the day of the Host’s book release and can span a few hours. Different authors sign on to takeover an allotted period of time (usually an hour) in which they do everything from playing games, giveaways, sharing teasers & excerpts, and most importantly connecting with current or soon-to-be readers! The beauty of these types of parties is that fans of different authors will typically stick around for the duration of the party allowing them to be exposed to new writers including you! On any given day or week there is a Takeover Event going on and it is pretty easy to find hosts searching for authors to volunteer their time. Just join any of the Book themed Facebook groups and I can guarantee you will stumble across a pending party.

The second type of party I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing puts YOU in the spotlight! These Release Day Parties differ in length depending on your preference and also requires a lot of backbone. It is quite similar to the party I mentioned above but there are no other authors to share your time with—this party is all about you, baby. So send those invites out and ask your friends, family and readers to help spread the word. You wouldn’t want to go to your own party alone, right? If you rather not coordinate the party yourself, feel free to Google Book PR Companies online. Many of these companies offer Release Day parties as part of their services.

Partying isn’t just for extroverts anymore. Facebook parties allow introverts (like me) to not only spread awareness of their work but to also get to know many people from around the world, all from the comfort of your living room.

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