August 22, 2008

On days I’ve felt exceptionally down, I like to read my old blog entries to pick myself back up.

Why? Well, because some of my entries were written during a time in my life that I lovingly refer to as my QLC or Quarter Life Crisis. It was during a span of a few years where I felt completely lost and maybe lonely. Reading those entries makes me realize that despite feeling discombobulated during those times, I actually had a pretty great time. Also, it is a great reminder that despite how hard I thought life was back then, I made it out.

Anyhoo, I wanted to share an entry I wrote when I was on the verge of turning 25 and yes, I really have come a long way. Also, please forgive all the grammatical, punctuation and syntax errors, lol.

I’ve always enjoyed writing. I guess it was an inevitable result of my love for reading. For as long as I could write, I authored a few short stories, poems, songs, and novels. I have a blue binder in the back of my closet that store all these- some dating as far back from when I was 8- as well as some paintings and sketches that I had made.

Now almost 2 decades later (Ew, haha) I still continue to write. I have 4 unfinished novels, and yet here I am beginning to write a new one. Sigh. I wish I had someone who would type all my ideas down for me. Do you remember that magic quill and notepad in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? I’d love to have that. It’s not even about the typing that gets tiresome. It’s the fact that I become so engrossed into my characters that I start feeling the the things I want them to feel. If you’ve read any of my stories (and i know i merely summarized a few plots to some of you), you’d know that sometimes it’s not the healthiest way to feel.

So here I am beginning Novel #5. I’ve already gotten the characters lined up and i’m almost done with chapter 1. I really need to find an editor and publisher. I’d love to see my ideas come to life on the big screen some day. I kinda wish I’d finish one of these novels earlier so that I could have started peddling the manuscript around. Who knows if it woulda been in pre-production as a movie now.

On a side note, i have now begun to read Breaking Dawn. It’s bittersweet. I have over 600 pages more to go, but after i finish, then what? I’ve become so engrossed in these novels that they became like a drug to me. It’s like I’m addicted to these books and I just need to keep reading them. At least I have the movie to look forward to. I actually found that widget in the top right corner, randomly on the net.

Well, once I finish Breaking Dawn I guess I can focus on one of my unfinished novels.


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