LOCKED IN — Cover Reveal! <3

Time has just flown by and I can’t believe it’s finally time to reveal the cover of LOCKED IN. I am so excited!!

Revisit your favorite characters from CAUGHT INSIDE in book #2 of the series.

You will get to learn more about Kacy and Miles and of course have cameos from Blake and Riley, too 😉

Add it to your Goodreads shelf today! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24950847-locked-in


After making the mistake of dating, sleeping with and slapping her supervisor, she finds refuge spending her days surfing, where she meets food truck owner and soon-to-be new boss, Miles Parker. A southern boy, Miles moves to Mistcoast, CA with one thing in mind—to make his new business boom.

What he doesn’t count on is meeting a wrecking ball named Kacy who sends his life into a whirl. Blinded by his immediate attraction for her, he hires her on the spot and is soon disappointed to find that their relationship isn’t going to go where he hoped it would.

Being nothing more than a shoulder to cry on, he hatches a plan to win her heart. Unfortunately, like the ocean waves, love can be very unpredictable.

You’ve read Riley’s and Blake’s love story, now learn about Kacy and Miles




This Thanksgiving I am thankful for the opportunity to share the cover of one of my favorite novels to date — Caught Inside.

My newest Contemporary Romance is scheduled for release on December 30, 2014 (yay for summer love during winter!) through Limitless Publishing. This book means a lot to me as my personal love story also revolves around surfing. It’s actually what drew me to write this book.

So please add the book onto your Goodreads shelves and please SHARE the news about CAUGHT INSIDE 🙂

Caught Inside by S. Briones Lim
Caught Inside by S. Briones Lim
Caught Inside by S. Briones Lim
Caught Inside by S. Briones Lim


I am so happy to report that my new Contemporary Romance novel, CAUGHT INSIDE, will be released by Limitless Publishing on December 30, 2014!

I will be sharing the cover next Tuesday (please be on the lookout), but for now please add my newest book onto your Goodreads shelves 🙂

Caught Inside

Caught Inside

Even Riley Dillon’s lucky red shoes couldn’t save her from the worst day imaginable—though they did act as great projectile against her cheating fiancĂ©!

After finding her life in turmoil, Riley leaves New York and returns to her hometown of Mistcoast, California where she takes a job at the local surf shop owned by Blake Reynolds, who has certainly grown up a lot since high school.

Blake Reynolds is handsome, talented and driven. At twenty-four the blond haired, blue eyed surfer seemingly has it all; a booming business, hometown following—everything but the girl of his dreams. Luckily, fate decides to give him a second chance.

After ten years apart will Blake finally win Riley’s heart? Or will she continue to see him as the annoying freshman she used to tutor?

One thing’s for sure, only the California sun and surf can help decide


Palace Hills Book Tour

The time has arrived for my Palace Hills Book Tour! Join me as I hop around the internet and discuss my New Adult/Contemporary Romance. I love to meet new people so please join in on the discussion.

Did I mention you have your chance to win a SIGNED copy of my book as well as an e-book copy?

SPREAD the word 🙂

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I’m often asked if I have any advice for other writers out there. Honestly, I still don’t feel too comfortable answering this question as I’m still a fairly new writer myself. However, if I can offer one piece of advice it would be to read.

Reading? Really?

Yes! I am a firm believer that reading and writing go hand in hand. In fact, the very thing that inspired me to become a writer in the first place was my deep, unconditional love for books. There’s nothing that can compare to getting lost inside fantastical worlds and far off places. And you know what’s awesome as well? Getting to create your own worlds and getting to decide the destinies of your own characters (insert maniacal laughter MUAHAHA).

You know what drives me to write? Reading a good book. I’d imagine it being the same feeling aspiring actors get when watching a great movie or play and thinking, “I can do that, too! I want to do that, too.” It’s reading the wonderful work of an author and being driven to write your own wonderful piece of art.  And you know what? You should!

Reading allows you to study different forms of writing. It allows you to pick out different words you like as well as some you may not. Reading acts like a study guide for syntax and grammar with your only test being how well your own writing grows.

I can’t say it enough — Reading is effing amazing.



I shut my eyes tightly in an attempt to fall asleep when I heard what sounded like howling directly outside my window. I quickly sucked in my breath and curled up into a ball. I lived in the middle of a burgeoning city. There was no way any wolves would be conveniently roaming around

“It has to be a stray dog,” I whispered to myself. I shut my eyes tightly and tried my best to count some sheep, all the while keeping an ear peeled for any strange noises.

Just then a chorus of howls pierced the air. I gasped and opened my eyes wide as I listened to what sounded like a group of wild dogs preparing to ambush. Still shaking, I mustered up enough courage to push myself off the bed. I tiptoed toward the gap in the window and propped myself on a tiny TV Tray that was slowly becoming my dining area. Albeit tiny, the TV tray was sturdy enough to hold my hundred and fifteen pound frame. Placing one dirtied foot on top, I pushed myself up so that I was at eye-level with the sliver. I peeked outside and the first thing I noticed was the moon. It was nothing but a tiny thumbnail in the sky and could only mean that a good week and a half had passed since I was first taken in. I gulped and continued scanning what little area I could. I nearly crapped my pants when an aqua colored pupil popped up just inches away from mine.


Dear Journal,

I am a very complicated creature.

I am shy.

I am bubbly.

I am friendly.

I am introverted.

Depending on the day, I can either be the most talkative person in the group or the quiet wallflower who is content with listening. Writing allows me to delve into these different facets of my personality in more ways than one.

A great perk that comes with stepping into the literary world is meeting all the readers, bloggers and fellow authors. It amazes me how many wonderful people I’ve come into contact with and have gotten to know that I would never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. The camaraderie in our community is amazing!

Social Media has made worldwide interaction quite easy, feasible and even expected.

That being said, I love meeting new people! Please find me on all my Social Networks and say hello 🙂





Well, that’s my introspective entry for the day.