The Pierces – Boring

As you all know I am currently in the process of querying literary agents for my new horror novel. I have always been the type to dream big and not to get too ahead of myself, but if that book was made into a movie this song would be the perfect score for the opening scene 😉

I am constantly praying about it and I know in my heart my prayers will be answered ❤


I don’t give up


Why would I want to publish a book traditionally that I had already self-published? Why am I seeking Literary Agents for a novel that is already on sale on Amazon?

Why? Why??? (Sorry, I have a habit of being over dramatic sometimes) I’ll tell you why! Since I was a young child I’ve always dreamt of having my books sitting on the shelves of my favorite bookstores. Whereas other children found joy in visiting the closest toy store, my solace came from walking into Walden Books or B. Dalton and sniffing (yes sniffing) the pages of a brand new book. I WANT to see my book sitting on the shelf of the closest Barnes and Noble or even Target (Gah, how i love that store!). And you know what? I WILL.

I want to go the traditional publishing route because it’ll give me more time to focus on writing as opposed to marketing, advertising, etc. Believe me, I already have enough of that to do at work 🙂

Honestly, I entered this business a bit naive. What was a query letter? Can’t I just be “discovered” on Amazon like a few of my other fave authors were? From what I read, today’s industry is so different than it used to be that Self-Publishing can help you, but now it can also hurt you. I guess I’m feeling the latter right now.

After two rejection letters so far, I am faced with a crossroad. Do I continue self-publishing the Life Force Trilogy and save my standalone adult novel for traditional publishing? Do I keep trying and hope that there is just one agent out there who might fall in love with Mattie as much as I did?

Well, I’ll tell you what. I’ve always worked effing hard for whatever I wanted. I sometimes find myself working to the point of tears. Like I said, I am a purely goal oriented person. I pour sweat, blood and tears into everything I do. That being said, I am a fighter. I won’t give up. I will find that one person who will represent me and once I do I plan to establish a great partnership with him/her and show the literary world what I am made of!

Sooooo, why share this bitter pill of rejection with you all? Because I want to show all of you that giving up isn’t always the best way to go. Sometimes you just need to keep on fighting until your goal is achieved.

I trust God. This is all in His timing and I trust that I will be led on the correct path for me.

That being said, I am human, so please excuse me while I drown myself in ice cream and listen to Adele 😉