Dreams Do Come True

I meant to write this blog post sooner, but the past week has been insane! Let me tell you why ūüėČ

Exactly a week ago, I happened to peruse CAUGHT INSIDE’s Amazon page and received the biggest shock ever! My surf contemporary romance novel was sitting pretty at #6 on Amazon’s Sports Fiction Bestseller list!!!

I was amazed, in shock and just so utterly GRATEFUL.¬†¬†Immediately, I said a prayer of thanks. I felt so astounded that my little romance novel could even garner such an audience…

Then something even¬†more amazing happened–

My book kept climbing! By the end of the afternoon my book was at #2! I was speechless and I’m not going to lie, I started to tear up. Saying another prayer of thanks, I sat back and just stared at the screen. Everything felt so surreal.

I think I speak for almost all writers when I say that it is a HUGE dream to become a bestseller of any kind. The elusive¬†honor has been something I’ve dreamt about ever since I could remember. Suddenly, seeing the #2 by¬†my book was nothing short of magical. It felt like that one scene in That Thing You Do¬†when the Wonders first heard their song on the radio!

Wanna hear the best part? Caught Inside will now be turned into a series! Yes, my original standalone novel will have spin off installments (both that can be read as standalones). I am currently writing the second novel, LOCKED IN, as we speak.

This past week has been such a dream come true. Thank you all for believing in me, reading my books, and giving me a chance. I am truly appreciative of everything YOU have given to me. I am forever humbled and grateful.

And kiddos, that is why you should always follow your dreams. Amazing things are bound to happen…



My first novel with Limitless Publishing is now available on #e-book through Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes and Noble and #paperback at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Add to your Goodreads Shelves today!

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