Taking Risks

I sat in my usual seat within the church’s pews listening to our priest give his homily about taking risks–the good kind, mind you. Most of life’s rewards aren’t achieved by sitting around and doing nothing, but by putting yourself out there and trusting in God. It’s funny, but within one day I quickly realized the truth in this thought and felt the fruit of the words.


Many of you may be wondering why I haven’t been putting out books this past year. Besides the dreaded writer’s block of 2016, we can also blame the resurgence of inspiration of 2017. I may not have any new books on the market just yet, but best believe this past year has been a busy one. I’ve not only rewritten Green, but I’ve also finished three complete manuscripts and have three more in the editing stages.


So what does this have to do about taking risks? Well, I’ll tell you dear reader. During the past year I’ve also been diligently querying literary agents. As awesome as it is to be an indie author and as awesome as my current publishers are, I’ve always had a dream to see my books on the shelves of Barnes and Noble, Target and Books-A-Million. Beyond that, I also want to see an adaptation of my story on the big screen and/or Netflix. In order to accomplish these goals I need someone in my corner. More specifically, I need a literary agent.

For months now I have poured my heart into polishing up my manuscripts, writing the best query letters I can muster and researching each #MSWL and agency website until the SENT box of my email account was swimming with the words “QUERY” and “SUBMISSION”.

And after all that?

I still don’t have a literary agent.


Now, I can put a frowny face here and maybe even a few tears because God knows I’ve shed a few, but honestly, as much as each rejection stings, they also help me out.


Book 1 — Rejected but not given substantial critiques

Book 2 — Rejected and given some critiques, but none I felt comfortable with. This book is currently signed with a publisher.

Book 3 — Rejected with such great critiques and suggestions PLUS a call for future manuscripts.

Each rejection hurts, but obviously I’m growing with my writing and this growth couldn’t have been accomplished without taking risks.

Querying is a scary thing, but you know what? It’s a risk I’m still willing to take until I achieve my goals.



Time just flew by….


It’s amazing that Christmas is just a few weeks away. I feel as if a rug was just ripped out from under me and I suddenly fell right into December!  I’m not complaining, however my blog sure is 🙂 To my followers, I am so sorry I haven’t been keeping up with this. No excuse is a good one, but I have been really busy.

What have you been up to?

Well, I finished my Adult Horror Novel and dove head first in the process of querying. Let me tell you, it is NOT a fun process. After receiving rejections left and right, you begin to question your talents and your sanity.


In the end you must remind yourself that you can’t please everyone. As those lovely form letters tell you, this business is purely subjective. It only takes one person to say yes and right now I am still waiting for that person. I have faith and I know it’ll happen when the time is right.

Besides querying I am currently wrapping up Silver as well as writing a Chick Lit novel. As you may remember I love to multi-task. Guess somethings never change 😉

Wait, aren’t you an Indie author?

I hope to be a hybrid author. As you know, I have already self-published Green and Red. However, self-publishing can only get you and your novels so far. I do not speak for all indie authors. I’ve seen many who have been in my position and have been extremely successful. They are superheros and manage to be creative and business savvy. However, in my case I am still trying to find a balance between all aspects of this business. You see, when you self-publish you are both a writer and a marketer. Regardless of my career background in Advertising and Media, I DO NOT have the time and funding necessary to work my full-time job, continue to write, and promote my books. Yes, I do use social media (Facebook and Twitter) to reach my readers. Yes, I am participating in blog tours. However, ads aren’t cheap and time is even more valuable! By seeking out traditional publishing for my Adult Horror Novel, I’m hoping that a team can help me reach a demographic that is hard to penetrate. Horror is a niche and I need all the help and support I can get.


What’s the deal with the Life Force Trilogy?
I am going to be participating in a Virtual Blog Tour from December 16, 2013 through December 23rd, which was coordinated by Bewitching Book Tours. I will be posting the tour stops in another post, but in the meantime please pass the word along! Image

Also, I am in the process of doing final rewrites for SILVER!!! Yes, yes, it’s been a long time coming. Ending a trilogy was a more difficult task than I had anticipated. Between wanting to tie up the story nicely and not wanting to say goodbye to my characters, well, it was challenging and I only hope I’ve risen to that challenge.

Until next time, kiddos. I promise it’ll be sooner rather than later!



The Pierces – Boring

As you all know I am currently in the process of querying literary agents for my new horror novel. I have always been the type to dream big and not to get too ahead of myself, but if that book was made into a movie this song would be the perfect score for the opening scene 😉

I am constantly praying about it and I know in my heart my prayers will be answered ❤


I don’t give up


Why would I want to publish a book traditionally that I had already self-published? Why am I seeking Literary Agents for a novel that is already on sale on Amazon?

Why? Why??? (Sorry, I have a habit of being over dramatic sometimes) I’ll tell you why! Since I was a young child I’ve always dreamt of having my books sitting on the shelves of my favorite bookstores. Whereas other children found joy in visiting the closest toy store, my solace came from walking into Walden Books or B. Dalton and sniffing (yes sniffing) the pages of a brand new book. I WANT to see my book sitting on the shelf of the closest Barnes and Noble or even Target (Gah, how i love that store!). And you know what? I WILL.

I want to go the traditional publishing route because it’ll give me more time to focus on writing as opposed to marketing, advertising, etc. Believe me, I already have enough of that to do at work 🙂

Honestly, I entered this business a bit naive. What was a query letter? Can’t I just be “discovered” on Amazon like a few of my other fave authors were? From what I read, today’s industry is so different than it used to be that Self-Publishing can help you, but now it can also hurt you. I guess I’m feeling the latter right now.

After two rejection letters so far, I am faced with a crossroad. Do I continue self-publishing the Life Force Trilogy and save my standalone adult novel for traditional publishing? Do I keep trying and hope that there is just one agent out there who might fall in love with Mattie as much as I did?

Well, I’ll tell you what. I’ve always worked effing hard for whatever I wanted. I sometimes find myself working to the point of tears. Like I said, I am a purely goal oriented person. I pour sweat, blood and tears into everything I do. That being said, I am a fighter. I won’t give up. I will find that one person who will represent me and once I do I plan to establish a great partnership with him/her and show the literary world what I am made of!

Sooooo, why share this bitter pill of rejection with you all? Because I want to show all of you that giving up isn’t always the best way to go. Sometimes you just need to keep on fighting until your goal is achieved.

I trust God. This is all in His timing and I trust that I will be led on the correct path for me.

That being said, I am human, so please excuse me while I drown myself in ice cream and listen to Adele 😉