Series Finale


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It seems as if all my favorite shows are ending after this season. Both Breaking Bad and How I Met Your Mother are on their way to the final farewell. As an avid fan, where does this leave me? Better yet, what will the ending to these shows be? Will they make the last few years worth it? Will they leave me craving for more? Or will they leave me disappointed?

I am 75% through with, Silver, Book 3 of the Life Force Trilogy. Truthfully, I’ve been procrastinating on finishing the novel for a couple of months now. I’ve been sitting on it, shoving it away and focusing on other projects. Why? For a while I wanted a little break from Mattie’s world. Though I obviously love it, I felt I was too close to it and needed some time to clear my head to get a better grasp on how exactly I wanted to end my series. Just as I’m a bit apprehensive as to how my favorite shows will end, I am also apprehensive as to how I will end the series. Overall, I don’t want to leave my readers disappointed.

With every show you watch and every book you read, you devote yourself in some way or another. You begin to feel the story and you begin to relate to the characters. There’s nothing worse than the disappointment that your show or book did not have the ending you were looking for. You feel cheated and sometimes you even feel angered and depressed. I do not want to leave this sour taste in my readers’ mouths. I do not want them to walk away from the Life Force Trilogy feeling cheated and disappointed.

On top of this fear, I also am constantly bombarded with new ideas. Inspiration for other projects often come out of nowhere, further driving me away from doing what I should do – finish the trilogy. The excitement of penning a brand new story only further fuels my procrastination, which is so unlike a Type A personality like me. For example, just a night ago I dreamt up a premise for a new Dystopian novel. I am so excited about it and despite how busy I’ve been, I found the time to write the first chapter to the new book. However, as soon as I did so my mind wandered back to Silver. After all, Green began from a dream as well.

I will finish Silver soon. I owe it to my readers and I owe to myself. Moreover, I owe it to Mattie and Hunter. I want to tie their story up in a nice pink bow and know that I ended their story the best way I could. I will do it. I will do it sooner rather than later.



Spreading Myself Too Thin?….

ImageOf course not! 

As a perpetual multi-tasker I once again find myself in limbo. Having just finished writing and editing the first draft of my 87k word (give or take a few words) horror novel, I find myself in dire need of stepping away from it for a tiny bit. For the past few months I have poured myself into the project. So much so that I have come to realize I was getting a bit too close to the project and thus, even doing rewrites was becoming such an arduous task. Ever so often words, sentences, and ideas would just blend together. I desperately needed a little break to get my creative juices flowing again.

So what now? I have new ideas for two (unrelated) novels and I also need to finish writing Silver. On top of that I have some Q&A’s to answer for @feedmyreads’ Twitter page, as well as a character interview for another book blog. Oh, did I mention the newest installments of two of my favorite series (Lux Series and Lorien Legacies) were just released this week and I am dying to finish them, as well?

Guess staying busy is exactly what I need during this “small” break 😉


Old Friends

Often, I know how I want a story to end before I even begin to write the beginning. I get a clear picture in my head and I develop the rest of the story around the ending. However, now that the Life Force Trilogy is coming to its completion I can’t help but hesitate a bit when it comes to writing the ending. Sure, I know how I basically want it to end, however a part of me wants it to go so much deeper. Perhaps it’s because I’m not ready to let go of Mattie yet. I’m not ready to say goodbye to someone who feels a bit like a friend now. Sure, it sounds weird, but I somewhat grew along with her character. Or, maybe it’s because I just want the ending to be so epic that even I’m flabbergasted by it. Who knows?