Grab the Bull By the Horns!

It was my thirtieth birthday yesterday and though the number is a bit intimidating, I am honestly quite thrilled to say goodbye to my twenties. Not saying I didn’t enjoy my twenties. College, friends, partying, marriage – it was a decade of learning about careers, people and most importantly, learning about me.

You may recall me mentioning a blog I used to run (that I totally didn’t keep up with), which chronicled my journey to completing my “30 things before 30.” Though I accomplished a majority of my bullet points, I am not disappointed that the rest still remain unchecked. Why? Well, because the end of my twenties does not necessarily mark the end to anything but an age group. To me the beginning of my thirties means the beginning to everything life has to offer! 🙂

That being said, let me start a new list of things to accomplish during my life. There will be no name to this list, just certain items I wish to accomplish to make me better as a person. The first thing I’d like to accomplish is finally squashing that nasty critic – me.

I’ve always been my worst critic. It is a flaw that I have dealt with since my childhood. Interestingly, I have always been harder on myself than my own parents were! For example, whenever I brought an A- home from school they’d be proud! Me, on the other hand, would sulk in my own misery. An A- was an F to me.

As an adult, I still deal with this ugly head called self-criticism. I’m not saying I have low self-esteem or anything, but I am saying I am hyper critical of everything I do. I really need to get over this little hiccup. Though it helps me push out my best, it also prevents me from reveling in my accomplishments.

I know my writing is worthy of being in every bookstore in the land! I just have to keep reminding myself of that 😉


Turning 30

Image My thirtieth birthday is looming ahead. It’s next week to be exact! Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m not saying I’m one of those people who believes “this is it! I’m over the hill!” because truthfully, being 30 is still young in my eyes. However, being the over achiever that I am, I feel that there was so much I needed (not to mention wanted) to accomplish in my twenties that are still bullet points on my list. 

As a glass half-empty type of person, I really need to start focusing on the positives of everything. I mean I have another year of opportunities!!!

Guess optimism is something I have the rest of my thirties to work on  😉